Executive Committee

Shine Thomas

Shine Thomas


Shine joined the club in 2013 and has served as chairman since the Covid hiatus during a period where touring teams have been largely absent and extra effort has been required to keep the game going in Chiang Mai. He’s a powerful boundary hitter whose cheerful presence is always welcomed at the ground.

Shine’s Responsibilities

  • Represents the Club and seeks its best interests
  • Coordinates and leads the Club’s Executive Committee in pursuit of the Club’s agreed objectives
  • To call Executive Committee Meetings (ECMs) as and when necessary
Richard Lockwood

Richard Lockwood


Locky has served as secretary since the club’s inception in 2012. He’s usually located in the scorebox on match day but has ventured out for specialist captaincy duties for Lanna Thais and for Lanna Spirits’ win in the Southerners Sixes a few years back. Prodigious turner of the ball. Also chair of the Chiang Mai Sixes.

Richard’s Responsibilities

  • Responsible for official communications and representing the Club with outside organisations and match officials
  • Oversees all formal internal communications regarding policy, Executive Committee decisions, ECM and AGM meeting dates etc.
  • Manages recruiting and membership offers
  • Keeps a record of Membership numbers
  • Minute taking and circulation of ECM and AGM minutes
Richie George

Richie George

Team Captain & Treasurer

Richie is a spin bowling all-rounder who keeps things tight with the ball and is now tasked with keeping things tight with the club’s finances.

Richie’s Responsibilities

Team Captain

  • Responsible for leading the team, ensuring that all players adhere to the high standards of competitiveness CMLCC desire and promote, combined with ensuring fair play and respect for our opponents, match officials and in the Spirit of Cricket
  • Nominates vice-captain (Captain’s nomination to be approved by the ExCom)
  • Decision maker on all aspects of the team, including matchday selection and preparation (in consultation with Vice Captain and Club Manager)
  • Ensures that all players selected are eligible for selection, ie. paid up CMLCC members
  • Ensures all match fees are collected


  • Responsible for management and accurate up to date reporting of Club finances
  • Responsible for creating CMLCC budget plans and agendas
  • Responsible for collection of Annual Membership and match fees
Hugh Williams

Hugh Williams

Club Manager

Hugh is a tireless left-arm seamer for CMLCC who bowls with unrelenting accuracy. While his occasional visits to the top of the batting order have yielded mixed results, his running between wickets is always worth tuning in for. Hugh has fostered the relationship between the club and Lanna International School for the benefit of both.

Hugh’s Responsibilities

  • Liaise with match officials, ground authorities and event organisers relating to participation and contribution of CMLCC Members in matters related to cricket in general
  • Support the team Captain in selection and discipline on match days
  • Coordinates and books nets
  • Coordinates Club coaching arrangements
  • Upkeep of storage areas and kit at Gymkhana Club
  • Coordinates end of season awards